Basic Pullover Vest first hang up - HELP!

The math is not working out for me which means I'm interpreting something wrongly.
I'm shaping the arm hole on the back side of the vest and I have 100 stitches on the needles, the instructions call for "At the beginning of next two rows, BO 6 sts." My interpretation: I'm on a right side row so I bind off 6 sts. knit to end then turn and bind the first 6 sts in purl since I'm on a wrong side row. Then, "Decrease 1 st each side this row, then every other row 3 times." My intrepretation: On right side I k2tog knit accross to the last two stitches and k2tog, turn and purl back on wrong side, turn and k2tog knit accross to the last two stitches and k2tog and repeat this two more times. I now have 80 sts on the needles but the instructions say I should have 76. What am I not seeing?


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you got me. it adds up to 20 sts in my math (2x6)+ 2 + (2x3)=20 geoff??

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I'm with you fellas on the math. That equals 20 decreases. I even wrote it out by hand to see if I could account for the other 4 stitches... No luck. The only thing I would do differently is on the last four decreases as you start your right sided row I would do SSK or other left leaning decrease to mirror each side but that is strictly my own aesthetic choice. I also would go in at least one stitch from the edge then decrease, especially if you have to pick up stitches around the armhole later. It just gives you a slightly cleaner edge to pick up from.

I would look forward in the pattern and see if it again mentions a stitch count. It might reveal itself as a typo or give you guidance as to staying at 80sts or doing 4 additional rows to drop to the requested 76sts.

Good luck!

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I spent last night tinking back through the decreases because I had decided that right and left leaning decreases is the way to go but thanks for the idea of going in one stich before I perform the decreases - that will be much tidier.

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Yikes. That is why I hate patterns. Have you checked to see if there are any published errata on the interent?
For vests I usually cast off x number of stitches. Half at one time and half gradually. If that were the case you would decrease 6 at once and then another 6 gradually. That makes 76, but certainly not what the pattern tells you to do.

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Have you looked to see how the decreases work on the front side ....? They should be the same

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I agree with the other comments - what you are doing is following the pattern correctly - they have got it wrong in some way. If I were you I would check with the next part of the pattern to ensure that it is really only 76 stitches you need at this stage - that may be the mistake! But otherwise I would just bind off as evenly as you can over the ten rows of the decrease, perhaps with BO 7 in rows 1 and 2 and then decrease purl side on rows 4 and 8, once at the beginning of the row and the second time at the end - at least it will be fairly even and I doubt if anyone would see anything wrong. Good luck with that pattern!

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Thanks all, Knits Men Want has a forum on Ravelry and the moderator believes this to be a mistake in the chart. 80 is the correct number of remianing stitches. I'm so relieved - I'm not a complete idiot - just an incomplete one.

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...but a handsome one!

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Naw.... I just look particularly good in swim goggles. ;-)

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Naw.... I just look particularly good in swim goggles. ;-)

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There's something I fail to comprehend. If you publish a pattern, and then realize there are mistakes, why publish separate errata without (or instead of) going in and correcting the mistakes in the pattern?