It Just Goes to Show.....

Not sure exactly what. But I'm sure it just goes to show something.
Sometimes things are just so scary that you have to buy them.

From Knittin'


Are you too scared to knit something with it?

bobinthebul's picture

No, not scared. Just aware that pretty much whatever it is, it will be more or less god-awful. Therefore I have to think what I might want in creatively god-awful yarn!

CLABBERS's picture

Have you found the end of the yarn to start with yet? That looks like my brain feels after a day with 150 middle school kids!

bobinthebul's picture

Funny you should ask that, I searched for it for nearly 10 minutes! And it was right there in front of me. :) It really is pretty hideous. It's 4 strands, and continues "froofy" for around 2 meters. Then the mostly-blue-black section comes, and there's no fluff on it at all. So if I knit a scarf of it, it will have stripes of froof and frooflessness. :) It will look like a bird of paradise that's halfway between down and feathers.

Bill's picture

How can you resist?

CLABBERS's picture

I think you have just invented a new word...frooflessness! Love it. It's now in my computer dictionary! LOL

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Hahaha -- Sometimes we take it upon ourselves to save the world from certain things, and therefore we must take it away from view and protect innocent knitters that may be permanently damaged by the sight of it. We are forever grateful for that.

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please share the end result.. however awful.
A coworker gave me some rainbow pastel fringe-y synthetic yarn. I decided to whip out a beret just to show off, so I added some white synthetic yard for good measure. It is so FUGLY I can't bring myself to complete it -- like wearing rainbow pubic hair on one's head.

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Oh....the imagery......

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What a laugh this is. What makes me interested is the fact that as soon as you finish the project, there is almost always someone who wants it, even if you just want to burn it.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It's like Technicolor road kill. Maybe it should be a flattened possum ... you could create a whole line of road kill pets.

Whoa! I think I woulda bought that yarn because I don't think anyone woulda believed the description. Although to be honest I think I like it. What to make with it? Hmmm. . . perhaps start a yarn bomb?