What's with the shout box?

Every time I try to enter anything I get a "validation error." Earlier I'd log out and back when that happened but now that doesn't work either. Any clues?


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none - the last time I posted it didn't show up for two days.

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Not sure about the validation error. Do you get that when you type anything, like "Hello" or something completely not fancy? I was just able to post a test message.

As for posts not showing up, my web host made me adjust the cache settings of the site and I think it was being too aggressive with the content on the site of the page. I set it not to cache the shout box, so hopefully that will improve things.

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I've had the same message - not authorised to use this function - or else it didn't post my message. A few posted after a delay as well. I knew Darrel was working on upgrades and settings, so I tried not to get too upset over it. Sometimes the wrinkles take a lot of time to get ironed out.

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I guess it's working now!