First panel of sweater project

Thought I would share the first panel of my first sweater. Definitely my largest undertaking to date.

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To me that large field of stockinette stitch is gorgeous. Congratulations!! The back of the sweater is about 1/3 of a long sleeve sweater so you have accomplished a lot. I like the pattern on the welt.

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That is some very nice knitting. I look forward to seeing the finished sweater.

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Nice colours and an even knit - you should be very pleased with that, I know I would be. I have a sweater that I have been "almost" finishing for ages now - you encourage me to get going on it again.

paulrdallas's picture

Thanks for noticing the even knit. I was quite surprised it turned out so well.

CLABBERS's picture

Very handsome work! I am so frightened to even begin something like that...yet! You have inspired me to at least begin thinking about it. Good luck with finishing it and make sure you post the finished product for us to admire.

paulrdallas's picture

You know, I was intimidated at first as well, but it's easier than I would have thought. The only rough patch so far has been deciphering those cryptic knitting directions.

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Looks really good!

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This has inspired me.

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Great job so far - keep up the good work.

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Thanks! I like your sweater as well, which by the way, is coming along quickly.

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Paul ..Looks great. I knitted a couple of sweaters over the Winter and was intimidated at first but after getting started they went pretty well, easier than I expected...They were my first sweater projects also.. Best of luck!!