Dragons - one crochet one knit!

In a previous post I said I was knitting a scarf from son of stitch and bitch to which i added a Dragon panel - well it's finished now so I thought I would share it. horrah! I also crocheted a dragon for one of my great neices so I thought I would show you that too. I'm rather pleased with both of them - only problem is that now I have finished the crocheted dragon I don't want to give him away. Freddy (Yes, I've named him) is part of the family now.

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Dude!!!!! The crochet dragon is fabulous - is it from a pattern or did you just make it up as went along? I love corchet sculpture - I crocheted a pink flamingo in highschool and lots of free form crochet pieces in college.

I'm reading Game of Thrones and it's turning me on to the dragon theme - love the scarf.

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You could market that dragon...it's amazing! I can just see shelves of them in all the colors of the rainbow sitting in a high-end gift shop. Well done!

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Beautiful work.

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Love the color, the scarf is just amazing, it really is nice

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Thanks for your kind words guys. The dragon is from a pattern (oh, how I wish I could make something like this without help!) - I bought it from www.etsy.com, and it's called JJ The Fire Dragon. The designer has lots of patterns that I think are lovely - I'm doing an Angel-Pig for my Great-Neice and a T-Rex for my Great-Nephew. I love crochet sculpture too - there are some great patterns around these days. Next, I'm going to make a hat to match the scarf - I'm still looking for a pattern I like.

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Wonderful fiber work! I agree with Mark. I could just see those in a gift shop somewhere. Both objects in fact.

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That scarf definitely turned out great. And Freddie could come live with me anytime. But I guess not...wouldn't want to disappoint your great niece. Thanks for sharing.

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Wow! great stuff. Although if you make the angel-pig and the T-rex you're going to run into the same problem: not wanting to give them away. That's ok, Freddy could use some friends (or food).

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Fantastic work!

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Just Terrific. Love the dragon, and the scarf is great. Love the color of the scarf.

I love them! The scarf is really nice and the dragon is really cute. You do very nice work.

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I love the scarf and the Dragon. Makes me want to dig out my crochet hooks!

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Agreed! I've got a few new spawn in the neighborhood that would love dragons like this.

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Thanks guys - I have now finished the angel-pig which is sitting with Freddy (I mean the dragon) The dog is looking at them both covetously - wait until he sees the T-Rex!!

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Looking great Simon. I can see the Welsh influence, especially in the scarf.

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