Just had to share my February garden

This is St. Louis in February 2012- my favorite winter of all time.


My first daffodil in February ever.


lenten rose

And it was 66° today.


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Hi Scotty...I am so tempted to hop in the car and drive down from Chicago to visit you and admire the new spring growth. I detest winter, so seeing the fresh new greenery and the flowers warms the cockles of my heart! I better get busy and begin knitting my spring wardrobe...perhaps stockinette stitched, cabled hiking shorts...okay, perhaps not.
Thanks for sharing...we'll have our flowers up soon. We are usually a couple weeks behind our bretheren in southern Illinois and Missouri.

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my daughter just sent me a picture of her garden on Boston...they had snow!

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Lucky you to have such a beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing.

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So nice to see the signs of early Spring, and your flowers are lovely. Funny how I always seem to finish my new winter scarves and hats just in time for the Spring sunshine - I really should try and think things through a little better. February in St Louis looks lovely.

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Beautiful - you're about a month ahead of schedule aren't you? We have snowdrops up here, but no crocus or daffodils yet. I just hope the weather doesn't decide to go "seasonal" on you in mid-March! i love the Hellebore!

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I loved spring when I was a student in Kansas. By mid-March, we had flowers and all sorts of buds on the trees. Around Wyoming, we may get a few early flowers but normally things wait until May.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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We're at least two weeks ahead of schedule more like four and we virtually had no winter at all. I'm so glad you all enjoyed my little spring preview - honestly, I'm hoping this the new normal, but we'll see. One last garden note, I planted a needle palm (native to the Carloinas) and a windmill palm (European native) last summer. They are both suposedly hardy to 20° and they are doing well, really well. Back to knitting.

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Thanks for sharing. They are just beautiful.