Coming To Minneapolis

Sunday I'm heading out to Minneapolis for some work related training. Naturally I want to check out the Local Yarn Stores and a possible knit night. According to Ravelry there is a Men's Knit Night that meets on Wednesdays. Anyone out there who goes to that? I'm going to be there until Thursday, so I'm thinking of knitting related excursions either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. I won't have a car while I'm there so I'm limited to public transportation and cabs, unless I can sweet talk the hotel shuttle into dropping me off and picking me up. Hmmm, maybe I should pack an extra knit hat for bribery purposes :-)


mr.cullen's picture

Hey YarnGuy, Hi. I live in St. Paul, Minnesota (Saint Paul is not that far away from Minneapolis). There are 2 yarn stores you should visit in St. Paul. One is The Yarnery, on Grand Avenue and the other is Borealis Yarns (phone #651-646-2488), on Thomas and Hamline Avenue. Both of these shops have websites with addresses and hours listed. The yarn store, Depth of Field is a great yarn shop in Minneapolis. I hope this helps you plan your trip to Minneapolis. Have a good trip....Cullen