Qiviut lace scarf

After three months and 150+ hours, I finally finished a qiviut lace scarf for my mother. The scarf was knit with Moco Yarns natural fingerweight qiviut blend (45% Qiviut/45% Merino/10% Silk). I used a #1 needle with a gauge of 9 stitches/12 rows to an inch. I was really captivated with the project...the yarn was so soft and downy....I often knit an hour or more a day on the scarf.

I put together the design from two separate patterns. At approximately 700 rows (43 repeats), the scarf measures 6' long by about 13" wide. Presently, I am finalizing the instructions and will post to ravelry.com when completed.

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I like the leafy pattern; it looks like laurel roping...


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Thanks for the comment....I've been wondering what to call the pattern....I like your description of laurel....maybe laurel leaves!

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Looks terrific. I love the pattern.

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That's beautiful!
...wide enough to wear as a stole...

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How lovely. I too agree with mmario that the pattern of interweaving leaves is wonderful. You must be so pleased with it. I am delighted that you are going to put the pattern onto Ravelry as I am now very tempted to try it myself. You're an inspiration. Simon

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What a beautiful scarf.

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That is a great looking scarf and pattern. The yarn really shows it off well.

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Wow, very nice!

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Absolutely beautiful. Both the natural qiviut hue and that pattern and stitch textures. I have always loved that lace pattern and you made it so beautiful and elegant. Great work Sir, great work.

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Wow, that is grogeous. I'll be looking for the pattern. For some reason I love knitting with tiny kneedles needles 1s and below. Is the qiviut blend horribly expensive?

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I really love working with smaller needles also. I've heard a few yarn shop owners comment that male knitters often gravitate toward more intricate, detailed patterns on smaller needles. That would be me.

The yarn is quite expensive...around $60 for a skein (my project required 5 skeins). If I'd have used 100% qiviut, the cost would have been around $90 per skein. Though having used the blend (45% qiviut, 45% merino, 10% silk), I'm not sure I'd have wanted to use the 100% qiviut. Qiviut is exceptionally warm. When modeling the scarf for the photo, I found that I was overheating! Too, the longer merino fibers and stronger silk fibers probably allow for a more durable fiber than 100% qiviut.

Hope to finish the pattern within a couple weeks, and will post to ravelry. Will definitely post an announcement on menwhoknit forum.

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Beautiful work! Only 29 more years and I will be able to knit like that! I hope you share the pattern with us.

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Truly a beautiful piece of art, so elegant.