pattern confusion

i am making lace sweater in round. have split at armholes and completes back to collar edge castoff

now working the front to neck split. it's eventually a three button split to traditional shirt collar the button hole area is a stitch pickup along both right and left split edges of 1x1 rib 1 1/2 inch wide. they then overlap at the bottom of the split. the decrease calls for 9 stitch at center, then 9 more on either side graduating down to 3 sts once and 2 st once and 1st once.

it seems like an opening of 27 stitches at the bottom of the split, as called for, will be so wide the button hole section won't overlap.



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Let me try and understand this a little more.

1. The pattern tells you to put the center 9 sts on a holder or bind off...whatever method=9 sts being not worked. That is 4 sts on each side of center and a center st.

2. Then as you continue working up one side of the front, you are decreasing out 9 more sts over 20-30 (whatever the number) rows.

3. Then you say "graduating down to 3 sts once and 2 st once and 1st once." This is a decrease of 6 sts not 9. Are there decreases for the SHOULDER? Because that would make sense.

If my assumptions are correct when you get to the top of the front you have decreased 18 sts total at center front and 6 off each shoulder. If you are working at a gauge of 5 sts per inch that is a center spread of 3.6". If your bands are knit 1-1/2" that doesn't seem out on line...1.5+1.5=3, knits stretch and lace more than normal. If my assumptions are way off base, maybe typing out the instructions verbatim will help me/us understand what is meant. Is the pattern online someplace where I/we could look at it?

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Not 9 sts over twenty rows. 9 sts at beginning of next row once then 3 sts once then 2 sts once then 1 st once. Altogether it's an opening of 27 sts in first two rows followed by another 6, 4, and two over next 8 rows

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I agree, I think you need to type out the directions verbatim or if there's a link to the pattern let us know so we can take a look at it. As it stands I'm not following what you are typing enough to be able to visualize the piece in question. Is the sweater on Ravelry perhaps?

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instructions say: cast off center 9 sts for neck opening, dec at neck edge on alternate rows 9 stat once, 3 sts once, 2 sts twice, and 1 st three times. later you make the button band by picking up stitches along the edge just made.

its from a filatura book i picked up in 1985 in germany. can't find it online or on errata sites

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OK, lets try this again! I just had a long explanation typed out, hit the wrong key and poof GONE!

Is this a golf shirt/polo shirt type of pattern? That is what I'm envisioning in my head.
I think there is an obvious typo or information missing from this pattern. Unless I'm totally on a different knitting planet they are making a placket and a curved neckline. The instructions are telling you to bind off the center 9 sts. Work in pattern on one side of the garment for X" then begin a neckline shaping buy binding off 3 sts 1x, 2 sts 1x, 1st 1x, 6 sts 1x, 4 sts 1x and 8 sts 1x--a total of 30 sts bound off over 12 rows.
The thing we need to figure out is what X" is. You should be able to figure out the total length of your garment and you know how many inches you have knit up to the bind off. To figure out the depth of the neckline take YOUR gauge and divide it into the number of rows (12) to get the number of inches. Take the total garment length, subtract the length of the hem to bind off, and subtract the neckline depth to figure out how many inches to knit the placket before the neckline shaping starts.

EX: gauge 6 rows per inch; Total length 25"; Measurement to bind off 15"; rows in neckline 12
12/6=2" neckline depth 25"-15"=10" 10"-2"=8" for placket

So you knit up to 10", knit across to 4 sts short of center, bind off 9 sts (the center 9 sts of the sweater front). Continue knitting on the left front for 8" then begin the neckline bind offs.
At beginning of next (this)row bind off 3 sts, work to end of row, turn, work back to neck edge.
At beginning of next (this)row bind off 2 sts, work to end of row, turn, work back to neck edge.
Continue this way binding off the # of sts indicated
Work any more rows indicated (there may not be any).
Begin working on the right front exactly the same way, putting the shaping on the neck edge, you will have 1 more or less row on the left side than the right...that's just the way it works.

Hope this is helpful. If I'm totally off base, you will need to post the instructions as written for us to take a stab at, but I'm pretty sure this is what they are doing.