Vest - the final step and a few questions.

The ribbing is finished on the arm holes and all I have left is the neck ribbing which brings me to a question - I don't know, maybe it doesn't matter but where should I start picking up stitches - at the shoulder seam? Also, because I'm a swimmer my chest is larger in proprtion to my shoulders than the average guy - not really attractive but it is what it is. So the shoulder area of the vest is perfect but it's a tad snug through the lat area. Would it be worth re-blocking to see if I could get another inch or so stretch in that area?


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Well, yes, you can possibly try to re-block it, and stretch it a bit more. However, in your case, since you know that you are not the size of an average man, you should take that into account when knitting your pieces. That is, you should add a few more stitches in the chest area. That is what you do for women's tops -- one usually would do a few short rows to add a bit of a "bulge" to fit the way some women are built, and similarly, you would adjust the pattern to fit you. You may need to add a few stitches to add extra width, or you may need a few rows to add some extra length for the front. Some men have a bit more of a belly than a straight tubular sweater indicates, so you may need to add a bit in that area. We all need to make a few changes to the pattern TO FIT US and that is perfectly allowable. Then it fits us perfectly, and everyone is so amazed at how well we can knit! After all, the final goal is to have a good-looking, well-fitting sweater or vest. Not many will examine each stitch to see how well it is knit, or if you added a few there or there (other than some fellow knitters).

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Thanks TG, this has been quite a learning experience, now I have to do another one to implement all the new stuff I know.

I'm on my third go round with the neck band, I've screwed up the k1p1 pattern twice now and the decrease stiches (s2kp2) at the bottom of the V looked terrible so I found another v-neck pattern I had using a decrease (ssk, k ctr stitch, k2tog) that I think will look much better.

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Elizabeth Zimmermann was a big fan of the double decrease on 3 stitches at the "V" and I have never been able to make it look good for me. I have used your decrease with much more success. The vest looks lovely and because it is knitted it will stretch where it has to. Congratulations.

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Great looking vest, Scott. Looking forward to the final photo after you get the V-neck like you want it.

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I just made a similar vest and I think I started at the shoulder. Just one word of advice, I'd use one of Elizabeth Zimmermann's sewn cast off. I did it once with the usual 2 needle method and there wasn't enough stretch in it. And as your chest is so large (!!!) you might need all the stretch you can get...

I"ll look out the sewn cast off and send it on to you.

All the best