My new project...

New grey sweater in progress...

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Beautiful cabling!
I am a huge fan of cabling and truly appreciate what it takes to do them. The pattern you are using is one of my favorites and plan to use it in a garment next fall...God willing. Keep us up to date with pictures. It's great to see a project grow.

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Thanks Mark... :-)

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That's beautiful.

I love the variety of cabling/knotwork. Never having done it, I imagine it takes forever to do!

I'd love to see pictures of the next stages too.

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Love those cables!

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Lovely work. The cables are spectacular.

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This really is lovely, cables are so interesting and make the sweater beautiful. What yarn are you using, it looks fairly fine.

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Great work. Really nice cables.

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That yarn is from a French Company named "Bergère de France"... available in Canada...

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Really nice work!

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Very nice cablework. That yarn and color suit the sweater very well.

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Very nice! The grey is wonderful it almost looks as if it has been cast in pewter. I can't wait to see the finished piece.

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I was thinking pewter myself. Love the cables.

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Love the cables !!!!!

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Stunning, and I love the grey colour.

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Fantastic work! Can't wait to see te finished product.

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Very Nice!

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trop beau ton irlandes!!
mon premier sweater cétait un irlandes plein de trucs tordues et en noire une follie!! mais je arretais de
fumer cet fois la lol j adore les Arans surtout si on les demarre par le col et ensuit on ajout les mailles pour les epoles et le front et le dos tu sais? c est vrais sa donne un truc un peut trop carre mais bon c etait la vrais tecnique !!

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Simply stunning