Stitch dictionary?

Does anyone have a suggestion as to a good stitch dictionary for beginners? I think I've pretty much mastered the garter stitch and would like to try some new ones. I know there are a lot of good resources online, but I don't always have Internet access when I'm knitting, so a book of stitches would be great to have. (Plus, I just like books.) Thanks for your help!

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A good book for a beginner is the "The Knitting Directory by Alison Jenkins". It has some good info about knitting as well for the beginner and some advanced techniques. There is a section on stitches that will take you past the garter stitch. Not to overwhelming. I posted a link for you regarding to book so you can check it out;

Of course if you really want to go all out then there is "The Vogue Knitting Stitchionary" It is like the Bible of stitches.
You can check the book out from the link bellow;

Hope this helps.

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The Harmony Stitch Guides are also quite good. The ultimate works are by Barbara Walker, now reprinted by Schoolhouse Press. They are pricey but cover just about any stitch around.

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Thanks for your suggestions! I've heard that Barbara Walker's books are excellent and will look for those. I'm definitely going to check out "The Knitting Directory". I like that it's spiral bound.

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I'd like to add my vote for the Harmony Stitch Guides. I've had three volumes of them for years and find I go back to them again and again - always a good sign in my book. Good luck in discovering one you like.

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This is what I use - it's never failed me.

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Just to add my 2 cents worth I will recommend Barabara Walker's "Learn-To-Knit-Afghan-Book". She included a nice selection of different knitting stitch patterns that can easily be converted to any use because of the information provided. There are knit and purl patterns, slip stitch patterns, cables, lace, mosaic, etc. It would be a good way to try our Walker's stuff without making a large financial investment in her 4 stitch dictionaries first. I learned more about reading my knitting and trying new techniques from making this afghan than I had in 37 years of knitting. And it's small enough to be easily taken with you.

Whatever you choose, enjoy!


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I have some and like Barbara Walker's books and on line I like the Knittingfool's, , guide.

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I would second both of these

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I screwed up. I was trying to post the picture of the cover of my favorite stitch dictionary but the file was too big, went browsing for my Photoshop to reduce the file size ( Photoshop is still MIA) didn't get the attachment to attach properly and published it without realizing it. Here's a link to it at

It's well laid out, subdivided into solids and multi-colors, and yarn weights and also has crochet stitches for those of us who are Bi-craftical. (Now I'll just pray that the url is right. sigh...)

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Wow, a lot of good suggestions! Thanks for taking time to reply. As much as I love books, I may get a copy of each of these!