To knot or not to knot

I'm currently working on a four panelled throw,(when finished will be 160cm/63" square) which has a stockinette main section with 6cm/2.5" garter stitch borders.
Although it's not really reversible, I don't want to see knots on the back whenever I join in another ball of yarn.

How do others 'join' yarn together seamlessly?
The pattern is from the book simple knits for everyday living by erika knight page 80.
I'll post a photo after I've completed each section.


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you could add the new yarn at the edge, and then weave in the ends - but that can be wasteful of yarn. If the fiber is feltable then you can do a "spit splice" (google it - there are tons of explanations and directions on the web) - basically felting the ends of the yarn together - or you can do one or another variation on the 'Russian Join' where you wrap plies of the yarn around each other and then back on themselves.

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If it's wool or camelid fibre, of course. Unravel both ends, lay them on top of eachother, add a good bit of spit then rub them together with your fingers to get the felting going then between the palms of your hands. The join does not have to be super felted for this to work. When you think you've felted it enough, give the join a bit of a tug and if it holds, you're all set.

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There are many good suggestions for joining a new ball of yarn. You will find tons of methods on the net. But of course the best is to use a larger ball or cone of yarn!

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