what are so few knitting books ebooks? anyone know?


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My personal opinion is because the screens on most readers are so small.

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I agree there should be a lot more ebooks speciallt since you can increase the size in some of the newer tablets

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I think in this day an age, thee should be more Ebook. I think it has to do with the publishers.

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I would probably have a hard time following a written pattern off of my Kindle and how would I scribble notes on it? I would like charts for my laptop though.

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Our library has a very large selection of ebooks now and it's growing every day. It's strange though, they only have permission to loan a certain number of books, just as though they were physical books. I can understand that from a publisher's point of view, but with the digital age upon us, hopefully that will go away and folks can figure out a better step in a forward direction.