New User Name

Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you know I changed my user name. Now it is constant with my blog, revelry, etc. Thought I would give a shout out as maybe might confuse some that have replied to me. LOL. On another note, I am just starting a new Stephen West Project. I really like his patterns. I will post some pics when I get going!.
Happy Knitting.


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Roger that, Terry. I've bookmarked your blog. Very interesting. I think I might check out that stitch light.

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Thanks for for bookmarking my site. You can also put your email in the follow me section and you will get an email each time I have a new post. I will also be expanding my site so I will let you know. The stitch light is pretty awesome. I was pleasantly surprised.

Chat soon

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I've seen the stitch light, and like it...just wish I could buy one without the silly cloth bag...

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I believe that bag is removable. Not 100 percent but I think it is possible.

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I think it is...but I was hoping to find the original source of the light, without the bag, for less money. I can sew straps or bags...

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Hi Terry,
Did you buy the stitch light? It does look like it would do a good job. I am forever shifting my work nearer the light I use, especially with darker yarns.

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Yes. I am not a fan of things that hand around your neck like magnifiers and stuff, but I really like this little thing.