OT: Post photos from iPad?

Sorry for the odd question, but my computer recently died and I'm experimenting with replacing it with an Ipad. Since so much of what I do is web based these days, it works great for nearly everything, but there are some gaps. I recently discovered one whn I tried to post a photo of my latest project here.

I used to always post them to Facebook, then link to that photo in a Forum post. Then Facebook "improved" their system so that become impossible. Later, they added back in part of that functionality, at least on a computer. But I can't figure out how to get the direct url for the image on my iPad, which is necessary if I want to include the photo in the body of the message, rather than merely as an attachment. I tried both in the Facebook app and in Safari.

When this was impossible on Facebook, I discovered that I could upload a photo as a File attachment to a message and use the url from that for my inline image. However, that functionality doesn't seem to work with my iPad. The "Choose File" button is grayed out, so I can't upload the photo, even as an attachment.

Any suggestions appreciated. Hard to really explain a project without a photo of some sort.

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Does the ipad have a right click equivalent or is there a way to open the "properties" of an image while on the ipad? If so, you can cut and paste the url from there. "Properties" is in the "right click" menu in case you don't know. I do this from both FB and Ravelry using my laptop. I can't imagine that you can't open the the properties window from the ipad in some way. Keep us post, I really want to know what the fix is for this.

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Michael, there's an app called Blogpress...

it might allow you to post pics here...I know you can create blogs with it...

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Hi Michael,
I contacted my son who is a computer guru on many fronts. He is a Web developer and he has the following observations and advice, some of which you may have already tried using the suggestions of others.

It looks like this is a common grievance among iPad, iPod, and iPhone users. Apple simply doesn't allow people to upload files from their devices to any site. There are special ways to upload photos to major services like Facebook, Twitter, etc. but only because it's built into various apps by Apple. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to get around this that I can find.

I did learn that it's possible to get the direct URL of an image on the iPad though by doing the following:
1. Go to the webpage with the image in Safari.
2. Tap and hold on the image.
3. Tap Copy.

This copies the URL--not the image itself--so he can embed it in a blog post.

If he doesn't want to use Facebook, it looks like his best bet is to take a picture with the iPad, email it to himself, then find a way to post that picture from a desktop computer.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Mark, Having the url will be perfect for what I was trying to do. I assumed the "Copy" feature would copy the image itself.

Scott, the iPad has a "Click and Hold" feature that is a little bit like right click, but each app seems to use it a bit differently. I can certainly copy the url of the Facebook page where the image resides; but the image itself is embedded. I'll try Mark's suggestion for that.

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I now spend more time on my iPad than my PC at home and not being able to upload photos is a pain! My sweater has been completed for four weeks now and I haven't posted because of this issue. Just ranting....