Vest Progress

Hi Guys,
Thanks to all of you for answering some of my novice questions. I am making progress on my first vest. The back turned out well and the front is growing nicely. I have them pinned down for the photos, but not blocked yet. I thought it would be best to block them both at the same time.

The red yarn in the photos are lifelines. I placed one at the last row of 100 stitches before the armhole decrease. I'm glad I did. I miscounted and had to rip out a few inches worth of knitting. It was nice to be able to just rip it out with reckless abandon. The top lifeline is just before I started decreasing for the shoulders and the neck opening.

Any suggestions about joining the pieces together. The instructions didn't say to do anything differently, but I watched a few videos and thought that a chain stitch would work nicely if I used a Kitchener stitch. So, I did a SL1 knitwise at the beginning of each row then followed pattern. At the end of a R side, I ended with a purl stitch. The thing I am concerned about is that the chain stitches are a bit looser than the regular stockinette stitch, but I think I can tighten things up when I am joining. Do any of you more veteran knitters have favorite ways to join pieces together?

As always, thanks for your help.

Happy Easter.

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Looks really great. I use the mattress stitch. It is practically invisible if done right. I think that was what you were asking.
Great Job.

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Hi Terry,
Yes, the mattress stitch was just suggested by a chat friend as well. I found a couple good videos on it, so I should be good to go. The "busy" yarn will hopefully hide my novice attempt to join pieces together, but I am going to give it a good old-fashioned try!
Thanks for the advice.

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I agree on the matress stitch especially if you have that slipped stitch to use as a selvesge. It will make a beautiful seem. As for it being looser, that stitch if done properly will fall to the inside as you use the "ladders" beside them in the matress stitching so don't worry about them.

Definitely block the pieces together. I keep the trusty sewing yard stick handy to assure my future seamed edges and desired lengths and widths match.

Great work. It looks like its coming along wonderfully.

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Thanks Quinton. It has taken me over a year to get my mind wrapped around it...self-doubt and insecurities kept getting in the way. I watched a video on the mattress stitch and it seems simple enough, so I will definitely use that. I appreciate the advice.

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Mark, The armholes look terrific. As per our conversation, it looks like they are coming along nicely. I have used the mattress stitch on one of my sweaters and that seems to be the magic way of assembling a sweater. It leaves a beautiful seam when finished. On another sweater I crocheted the pieces together with a single crochet from the back side and that works nicely also. Remember...."nothing will get in the way of me finishing this project"...Good Luck

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It's always great to have a coach that gives me the mantra I need. I am anxious to get it knitted and blocked sometime this week. Then I'll do the assembling and then the arm and neck holes. Then, I will probably reblock the whole sweater. Thank for your kind words.

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Looking good, Mark. I think mattress stitch is also going to work best for you. And it really isn't very hard to sew, once you get a rhythm going. Looking forward to seeing the final piece.

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Ditto on the mattress stitch. I think it kind of fun too. The vest looks great so far, can't wait to see the finished piece.