Finally got to wear my vest and...

It's been done for month and this is the first day that it's been cool enough to wear an alpaca vest. I have to say though, I thought I looked OK when I stepped out of the house this morning. White button down, nifty tie, brown dress slacks, brown and OD tweed jacket and of course my nutmeg colored vest not so freshly off the needles. Ralf said I looked cute - but he always says that. Anyway, I was running around the 5th floor of the hospital where my office is and as I return to my office I spot a patient, a women probably near 70, walking around in an area where we usually don't see much patient traffic. As I unlock my office door she looks at me and says "You're one good lookin' man, I've been lookin' for you to tell you that." I politetly say "Thank you very much." and escape into my office. Guys, I know what I look like - so what the hell did that vest do and why wasn't it that cute little electrician that's been running around my floor for the last month instead of 70 year old women in a hospital gown?


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So when do we get to see you in that magical vest! If a 70 yo woman has to seek you out to tell you how good looking you are, it must be something special. We want to see too!

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It was posted earlier but here it is again.

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Looks sharp but I bet it was better with the slacks and jacket. Sorry about the old lady vs. the cute electrician. Here's hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

Ralf is right too.

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is the electrician ac or dc?
My 'charms' have always worked on old ladies.. sigh.
I wonder if anyone ever took up knitting just to meet hot GILFs

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You just don't know the power of your own beauty

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That is a nice vest. Strange that the electrician didn't notice. Still, getting a well-meant compliment is always nice, even if it's from a 70 year youngster. And definitely from your spouse.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Take the compliments where you can get them (says me, who spends most of his life being told 'how gorgeous' his boyfriend is...)

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Well, obviously your boyfriend has flawless taste!

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I have admit along with leaving my office with trepidation the rest of the day it did give me an ego boost. Thanks for all the compliments.

Usually I have a well-deserved compliment to share with you - this comment is no different. I agree with Bill, if your boyfriend says you're hot, you're hot (he SAID cute, but you in that alpaca vest are hot, Im convinced that's what he really meant).
And take it from an Old Man Magnet (and those old guys have the filthiest things to say!), a compliment from a silver fox is so genuine. Bless her heart.
Where did you get that gorgeous tie?? I love it. Ihave a really strong addiction for buying ties. but I'm working through it.
Keep up the great knitting!