Some finishers and some in progress...

Dear knitting chums,

It's been a while since my last rant/ramble (thank you all for your kind and consoling words) So I thought I'd check in with you all and updates some projects and plans.

Some of you might remember a seed stitch tie I posted a long while back. I'd started it in the hops of finishing it to wear at my civil partnership ceremony last April....well my lovely other half brought me loads of lovely hand-dyed hand-spun north ronaldsay sheep wool from Orkney. I knitted a vest for myself...the different batches add to its charm I think with the colours changing towards the top. It took an age on tiny needles....but the joy of north ronaldsay sheep is it he lightness and warmth of the wool...surprising for such shaggy hardy sheep. I'm off to the st Magnus international festival in the summer so can get some if any of you are keen. If any of you are interested, my lovely other half is the director for the great festival which happens every year at midsummer in Orkney.

For those of you interested in such things, I used Elizabeth zimmermann sewn cast off round the neck after my first attempt with the usual didn't have enough stretch.....perhaps my head is just too fat...

You might also remember me be-moaning my flat selling ups and downs last time rounds. Well, the flat is sold and we're in the process of selling and finding a new home for us and the cats. No big deal I know but we've both been living in London for 20 years and are, a long last, moving to the country. It feels like a big deal for us, especially as we're trying to find enough space for pianos and 2 composers, one who makes plenty of noise and listens to the radio all day who,e he's writing music and one who needs the quiet of a morgue...also, the
Ossining of a menwhoknit retreat in the uk has been talked about.

On one of our recent trips to Faversham (great local Kent food markets all over and a wool shop...) I made the felted bowls. The we're more but they were 'gifted' (what a word...bleurgh) It proved a lovely way to use up the stash (I've promised no more wool shopping till there's a bit let in the house) these were pretty freeform and very liberating. I made one per car journey and hand felted them when we got home.

Lastly, a cardigan for myself. Al bough me some lovely scottish tweedy Aran....I was going to make a chunky fair isle but couldn't face stranded colour knitting on the reverse side. So I started with a jacket pattern in the lovely Scottish inspirations book from rowan. I loved the pattern because the button band and collar are knitted as you go. My dad's a painter and decorator and ever since I was tiny, I loved the
Ain't cards from the DIY this cardigan reminds me of them and will be called my paint card cardigan....

Hope you're all doing well

David x


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Posted above. Still, it bears repeating that your projects are nice. Congratulations on the move to the country...hope you can both create the work environment that suits you best.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great work - every one of your projects are lovely. I am so in love with those bowls. Do you have a pattern?

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I started with these but used multiple colours. The brown one I made up increasing every other round and then decreasing. There are patterns in revelry for similar.

To be honest, they looked rubbish until they're felted. You can shape them while they're damp to what you want.

All best wishes

David knotts

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Thanks, David. I am going to try some.