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TinkerJones's picture

gorgeous work!

SimonWales's picture

Love what you've been doing - and the pots are great. Turning them upside down makes them look like Tribbles! Be careful, the breed you know! - If I remember rightly Captain Kirk had a bit of trouble with them. I love the wool you have used for the tank-top, great colours. What wool did you use?

davidUK's picture

It's made from north ronaldsay sheep in Orkney... And hand dyed by Pam Murray. Thereq's some of her stuff here:


AKQGuy's picture

Wonderful sir! and if you hadn't pointed out the color change, I would assumed it was a purposeful transition. I think it's going to look pretty sharp on. Why don't we get a pic with it on by the way? Congrats on country living and hope all is well and settling down for you, the partner, the yarn, and the pianos.

Giles0011's picture

Hi David, love the vest - where did you find pattern?