Wine Bottle Cozy

Here's a simple wine bottle cozy that I worked up to give to a new friend of mine. I am so glad I have learned to knit and can add my personal touch to a gift now. It was fun! I used Sensations Lustrous Lamb Soft Wool Blend (80% acrylic and 20% wool). The skein lists the gauge as 18STS/24R, 4x4. Adding the cables was interesting because I used size 4 needles. It was fun because I have never used needles that small. I am slowly but surely working my way down the needle scale and aiming at working with sock yarn this summer.

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That looks wonderful, Mark!
Great gift idea!

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That looks great.

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Fantastic work. Isn't making gifts fun? I keep a hold of very little of my knit work. Most of it ends up going to others.

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Simple and elegant. Beautiful application of the craft, Mark. Who could not be impressed by receiving something personally made (and so perfectly) by the giver? The red that i-cord? And if it is, do you know why they call it i-cord? I-cord, to me, sounds like something made by Apple...

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Elizabeth Zimmerman called it Idiot Cord. ( I think)

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That's cool. I made some of those for Christmas presents, but they weren't that nice.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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What a great gift and a very nice job. Where did you find the pattern ?

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Very nice work, Mark. And very thoughtful, too. I hope your friend enjoys it very much.

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Mark, Looks great, love the colors. What a thoughtful, personalized present for a friend!!