Hermit Crab

Hi Guys! I wanted to share with you a hermit crab that I knit from a pattern by Hansi Singh. It was a project that I started last fall. We were in PA visiting my parents and on the way home I wanted something to work on. I ended up getting most of the legs done on that trip. When we got home I promptly forgot about it (!) but came across the unfinished bits earlier this month and figured I'd finish it up before beginning anything else. So here he is!

This was a very fun project though I must admit that it was one of the more challenging things that I've tackled. Not so much difficult but there were some parts that were tricky and required some extra attention/concentration. But I would gladly make it again. However if I do I will make it smaller by using a sock or fingering weight yarn!

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Ken, that is amazing! It speaks to your sense of humor, not to mention your perseverance. It put a smile on my face just to look at it. Well done...and thanks for lightening my mood. :)

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Love it Ken!

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Ken, that's wonderful!
I'm so happy to see some amigurumi that's knitted, not crochet.
Searched...and ordered the book!

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I agree about there finally being some nice, quality knitted amigurumi. You'll love the book it's great. Hansi also had some great patterns for sale on Ravelry that aren't in the book.

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Uh oh!
I'd better wait til the book gets here...some of those are great!

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That is wonderful. I'm never drawn to the "stuffed toy" knit items like bears and what not but always love the slightly odd things, and this fit the bill as the unusual. Not only is a Hermit Crab an unusual knit item/gift, but it was wondefully done. Great work, and even better for your enjoyment of and challenge by the project.

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That is fantastic, I didn't know we had hermit crabs in PA. I'm going to go check my garden in the morning.

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I LOVE it! the colors are fantastic too! (My favorite is the varigated yarn used for the shell!)

Great Job!!



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I love it! It looks just like the designer intended! I have a bunch of her patterns in my "to-do" list.

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Thanks! Yes, Hansi's pretty much a knitting genius as far as I'm concerned. I've made all the vegetables in the book (for a housewarming gift inn a new colander) and the octopus and snail. Up next is either squid, praying mantis or her chameleon...

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That is a great little crab. As a Cancerian Moon Child, I always like to see things like this. Still, I probably wouldn't attempt knitting one.

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