Raglan short-sleeved sweater for dear old Mom

Here a just a couple pictures of the work in progress. It's nothing fancy but it is next attempt at reading and actually understanding pattern directions.

Here's where all the yarn snobs will start itching....It will be interesting to see how it behaves. I am using Caron Simply Soft "Strawberry". It's an acrylic that is nicely soft and it should wear like iron and it's completely washable and dryable. It is a medium weight #4 and the guage for 4x4" using US8/5MM circular needle. The yarn is 6 oz/ 170g or 315 yds/ 288m. The yarn has a nice sheen to it, so that adds a nice little dimension to it.

You can find this pattern at the Lion Brand Site
Free Knitting Pattern
Lion Brand® Lion Organic Cotton
Cropped Raglan Sweater
Pattern Number: 70111

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Most of us yarn snobs reckognize our issues and try not to inflict our yarn preferences on others. And I can say this yarn snob has found a wonderful baby hat acrylic which I never before imagines saying. So use what you like and as you're already doing, rock it out. Looks great so far.

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Have to admit, I just made a baby garment out of a really soft acrylic, and now I'm doing another one. Just seemed like it would be easier on a new mom to be able to throw it in the washer, and neither of these yarns is the old scratchy kind of acrylic we've grown to hate.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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That is a very nice looking beginning to the sweater, Mark. I have a friend who dislikes pink intensely...that shade is luscious enough to make me want to knit something for her with it just to hear her complain.

Congrats on the nice sweater...I'm sure your mom will enjoy it.

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Pink gets such a bad wrap. It's a great color - one in which almost everyone looks good. Baby blue on the other hand is insipid.

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I, too, am a yarn snob but not so much for natural fibers (true they are my perference) but for quality. There are some beautiful premium acrylics and nylons out there. I've never used any of Caron's man made fibers but I really like Berroco Comfort and use it when when I need something warm for someone who won't wear animal fibers. I still object to the cheap stuff they sell at Wal Mart and Hobby Lobby.

Not wanting to hi-jack your post however, I can't wait to see the finshed sweater. I may have to make one for my own mom.

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The color actually resembles a salmon color, so the pink isn't as vibrant and startling.

Isn't this a great site? You can call a guy a snob and they'll admit to it. Whats more, they're actually really good at telling you why they're the snobs they are. From being on this site less than a year, I've really learned about fiber and using the right ones (am still finding my way on this last point).
I like to use acrylics when im learning something new or daring (or animal and child knitting). For instance, I got the same yarn in another color to try learning lace. If I get frustrated I can throw it out without having spent/lost very much.
I have a hard time getting the right shade for a person. Like you're way ahead of the game in that respect. Keep knitting, you're doing great stuff.

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Thanks for the compliment!
I think that any kind of snobbery in terms of a preference is an earned trait. I get a bit snobby when it comes to scarves, hats, and special gifts for people. This is my first sweater and the raglan sleeve was a bit daunting, until I realized how easy it is to do. It's funny though, even thought I buy some acrylics, I get very fussy about its quality and the softness. Some acrylics feel like spun plastic, which they pretty much are, but they don't have to feel like it. At the same, the other week I was yarn shopping in Milwaukee with a friend from this site and found some $25 skeins of wool. I would never buy it because their samples were very rough feeling and the knitted fabric felt stiff and scratchy. I guess it's just a matter of preference. This sweater is for my mom in Florida and it is so hot and humid there that giving her something made of wool just didn't seem to make sense. This she can pop in the washer and dryer and wear it again and again.