Top down cardi...

I have some fun yarn, bigger gauge than I normally work, but because it is sort of a felted wool and nylon ribbon, it shouldn't be too warm or heavy. Before I go to the trouble of designing my own pattern, does anyone have a link or pattern for a top down cardigan that is sized for a real man (50" chest +4" for room+ 54" chest)?

Ugh. Not enough time for knitting. I'm taking a class in Marketing and production of apparel, and it is really interesting, but VERY macro.... I just want to do the designing and perhaps manufacturing of the models....Not become Columbia sportswear or a supplier thereof. Sigh.

Best wishes and happy knitting.


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What is my SOCK WARS sock killer doing in MY town? Has he come to kill me in person? And to think... I'm headed up to his town at the end of the month.

Quick, get this man a pattern so he's not knitting socks. Have you looked at this raglan (add a few inches and knit as a cardigan)? There's also a bottom-up cardigan on

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