Small gauge DPNs

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for DPNs below US size 0. I'm looking for something like 00 or 000 and I wondered if anyone has gotten any brands that they have liked in particular and/or have held up well. And if so, where did you purchase them? I have really liked all the Knitpicks needles I have used, but they only go down to size 0. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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I don't have any myself - but I believe it's the hiya-hiya needles that get reccomended over on the Niebling group.

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rmbm612's picture , carries stainless steel DB knitting pins by Hiyahiya in 3 lengths, 4", 6", and 8". All lengths are sold in sets of 5 pins and in sizes from 0, 00, 000, 0000, 00000, 000000, and 0000000! I have not used this brand, but have used 0000 stainless steel pins manufactured by INOX to knit Latvian Mittens. I did find them on line but the site mentioned that the pins were now being manufactured in Mexico and had no comment on quality.

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You can make these out of steel rods from the hardware store, or piano wire. Just check the diameters according to the gauge you're seeking.

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Susan Bates has a set of needles in a single pack: 7” Double Point Sock Set US Sizes: 000-1 I got mine at Joann Fabrics for less than $8.00 US. I use Hiya Hiya circulars and based on this would think that Hiya would be better. Susan Bates may be easier and quicker to find.

The Hiya Hiya web site shows about 12 retailers in Maine.

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I've not knit with the HiyaHiya needles that fine but have seen them in the very fine sizes. They looked pretty decent and I can say that my circular needles by them are very nice to knit with.

eta: If you are lucky enough to find them in thrift shops etc. you could come across antique double points that are that fine. The only problem is having a needle gauge that goes fine enough to size them.

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I use 00 and 000 regularly for socks. I love the Hiya-Hiyas, in fact I love them so much I've started switching out my 1 & 2 bamboos with them as well. Stainless is fast but not too fast, never splinters, bows or breaks. They aren't at all expensive either which is good because I always use two sets at a time for socks. I've found them on line the various place previosly mentioned. This is where I bought my last sets.
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Thanks so much, guys. It sounds like the HiyaHiyas are the way to go (though thanks for the crafty suggestions, Michael!). As many of you may know from some of my other posts, I am a big fan of making amigurumi and I would like to experiment with creating some on a very micro/mini scale. If I'm successful I'll be sure to post some pictures!

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Gerbil socks? :)

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LOL! Imagine knitting the gauge swatch!

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