Finished sweater

This has been done for weeks (sans zipper), but I could never find the time to post until now. Surprisingly, I've started another sweater, for me this time, which I'll post some pics of my progress later.

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That's a great looking sweater. And appears very thick and warm to boot.

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Nice looking sweater Paul, I'm very fond of grey.

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Beautiful sweater. The color is a great choice! It looks like a very comfortable wool.

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holy cow that's awesome!
it looks like something i would wear

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Very nice looking sweater, Paul Great job.

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Gee, that sweater is beautiful. Lovely design with the stripes on the welts. Is it set in sleeve?

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Sorry...I don't know what set in sleeve is. : )

I love the sweater. Reminds me a varsity jacket. really cool.

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David's right. I'm thinking now about making something like that in my old high school colors. :-) But I'd need to convert it to snaps instead of a zipper for that I guess. Only made one cardi before; that would be a challenge.

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Thanks for all the nice comments!