HI everyone! Been away for a few weeks but I have started this sock using Confeti Yarn. It's great as the yarn is dyed so it looks like you are working hard with color changes, but really it is just the yarn doing the work. I wanted something easy as my mother has been in the hospital very ill for the last eight weeks. I have attached some pics to see the process. I started off using very small circular's so I didn't have to use double points. I really like this technique. Then when making a double heel flap you just need to use one DPN. After turning the heel I did decide to use four DPN"s . Old school I guess. Hope you like the pics.
Happy Knitting!!

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Very nice dude...

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Like your socks. Knitting is a great distraction from life's lemons. Hope your mom's feeling better soon.

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Thanks for the comment. Not much change in my mother but she did ask for me to bring by some knitting and she has managed to start a sock. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Great job on the socks. Knitting certainly does help pass the time when sitting around waiting for things and for visiting folks in places like nursing homes and hospitals. The colors in the sock work well. At first, I thought you were doing intarsia knitting and managing all those little strands of yarn. I know those who do t hat, but your yarn choice makes a lot more sense and looks just as good! Well done!

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Thanks, after using this yarn some time ago, I can't remember when I did sock knitting in intarsia. I know, I am such a cheat. LOL.

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Quite a nice looking sock. Hope your mom is doing better and can go home soon. Having some knitting along really helps while in a waiting area. I got burned out knitting a particular slipper pattern that way, though: Marathon knitting them over a few days was the culprit, adding to the stress rather than helping control it.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I can relate. The knitting becomes the focus and you just go crazy.

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Cool yarn and nice job - but how do you even hold those little tiny circs? My hands would cramp instantly.

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LOL, I am so used to it I guess. But after seeing the post about miniature knitting, my needles look huge compared to that.

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Looks great!

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