Miniature knitting (Amazing video!)

A few days ago I had posed a question about small gauge knitting needles. I got a lot of good information, thanks everyone! Just yesterday I ordered some 000 and some 000-000 (5/0] DPNs from Hiya Hiya because I would like to experiment a bit with miniature knitting.

I got inspired after seeing the video above of Althea Crome knitting the TINY sweaters that were used in the stop-motion movie "Coraline." While she is primarily a knitter of miniature sweaters and gloves, I would like to try making some miniature amigurumi (knitted toys), especially using one of the amazing patterns by Hansi Singh. With the size needles I have coming they won't be nearly as small as anything Althea is doing. But I look forward to the challenge of it and will be sure to post the results if things go well.


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Amazing video. Imagine dropping a stitch and having to go back and pick it up! She is certainly an inspiration to fine, detailed workmanship.

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I can't even imagine though I'm sure it must happen and need to be fixed. Ugh

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You can see more of Althea's incredible knitting by visiting her website, Bugknits

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I think I would need an electron microscope to be able to see the stitches.

That is fantastic

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That's amazing!

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Gosh, every activity has an extreme.

That reminds me of the clothes worn by the dolls in Robot Chicken. I wondered who was making those tiny, tiny clothes.