New Yarn Bowl

I just finished a new yarn bowl. Unlike my Pig or nesting bowl this one is smaller. Great for sock knitting or lace knitting.

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You have done a great job with the colors and the glaze. Beautiful! Remind me again, do you see them on the Internet? I'd may be in the market for a larger one.

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Thanks, I mostly make the large nesting bowl type but I am experimenting with this size as well. I sell them to yarn shops and on my website.

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Fell for it..but there's no shop yet...

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Thanks for checking my website. I will be selling online June 1st. My bowls and products will be online then.
Happy Knitting

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That is very nice. What glaze was used? It reminds me of something but U haven't done ceramics in about 30 years.

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The glaze is actually called outer space, but I use a technique of adding crystals and glass to make the effect.

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That looks amazing. I love the color.


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What a beautiful glaze on your bowl.

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Bowl is gorgeous. Hoping to find one for myself this weekend at the Carolina Fiber Fest!

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That's a pretty one. I like it.

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Very nice.

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