Sweater coming along

I am at a turning point in the short-sleeved sweater that I am making for my mom. I thought my fingers were going to cramp last night as I did the last few rows. There is an 8-stitch increase per right side row and the last row had 302 stitches. I had to stop and do some flexing exercises every now and then. I thought I'd post this photo before I joined the front panels and the back panel. I'll do the armholes after adding another 7" to the bottom, which will include a couple inches of ribbed stitch like the neck. The arms will have the same rib stitch. I am really proud of the progress so far. I am learning so much and becoming more adept at reading patterns. Other people's thoughts, directions, and abbreviations are really challenging sometimes! I'm sure I am preaching to the choir on that one.

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Looking great!
That's a lovely colour...

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Wow, that looks really nice! And what a beautiful color. The construction on this looks very unique.

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Thanks, guys. It's a labor of love when learning new things. I joined the front panels to the back panels now leaving the two armholes for later. Frankly, I'm just tickled that I started with the right number of stitches and ended with the last row with exactly the same number. With every other row increasing 8 at the seams, that kept me in line. Tomorrow, I'll probably get the lower 7" on it plus 2 more of the ribbing. Then over to treat the arm holes, and front border panel similarly. I'll post a couple more as I near the end.
Peace, my brothers!

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Looks cool. I'm making a baby kimono with similar construction, but yours is bigger. But I was also proud of myself for finishing with the right number of stitches. I usually lose concentration somewhere along the line.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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You are doing just great, Mark. Top down raglan is my favorite way to knit sweaters.

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