Neck warmers, socks, and my future

Hi all. When I haven't been in school, I have finished a neck warmer using spare worsted-weight yarn on #10.5 circular needles. Hopefully this will be for next winter (and colder weather). And last week I bought a newly published sock book "The Sock Knitter's Handbook" by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott. It has clear photos and nicely illustrated step-by-step instructions on making different cast-ons, ribs, heels, and toe constructions. It's full of lots of tips and information on sock knitting. I am using the book to knit more socks. I am using Lion Brand's Sock Ease multicolor fine yarn...I like knitting socks because of their small size and portability....School for prosthetics has been very challenging. I'm in the process of debating training to be a nursing assistant/ home health aide so I can get back to working sooner....I like the idea of working in a hospice for AIDS patients....Anyway, happy knitting....Cullen

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I think the very first pair of socks I knitted was done in that yarn. At first I thought the colorway was a little too fem for me but I got the most amount of compliments on those socks.
Good luck on your job path/choice. The medical field is definitely one that requires dedication, God bless those who have it like that.

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I like the socks. so far the finest yarn I have used is DK. I think I will have to look at some of the "sock weight" yarn.

I notice the DPs have you ever trying the 9 inch circulars. I love them, once I got used to the smaller needles. What I like is that you are not slowed down when you move from one needle to another. You do have to switch to DP or two circular at the heel.

Keep up the great work.

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Great looking start to the sock and the neckwarmers are very fine looking, too. Lots of luck deciding on your career.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Love the cheerful socks!
Good luck with the schooling, Cullen...I think it's admirable that you're thinking of doing hospice work! That's so necessary...and your gentle soul would be perfect for it...

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I like the neck warmers - great idea. I think I may need to make myself a couple for my long walk from my parking lot to the hospital where I work. They would be great with a suit.

As for debating becoming a nursing assistant to get back to work earlier - great idea! Many of the nursing assistants and care partners that I work with, work full time and go to school as well. It's very possbile at a hospital because most RNs, assistants and carepartners work three 12 hour shifts leaving the rest of the week for school. My hospital also contracts with nursing students to pay for their tuition for a five year contract after they graduate. It's a great deal!

Good luck!

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Lovely knitting. Good luck in choosing your career path. I am sure you will be successful in whatever you do.

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The neck warmers are great, what a good way to use up those bitty bits of yarn. When I lived in Toronto I was a "Buddy" with ACT as a volunteer. I did that for almost 8 years and it was a great way to give back to the community, good luck with your career choice.