WARNING - Boyfriend curse not limited to Boyfriends!

I'm the first one to admit that superstitious beliefs are just silly. However, just this week while knitting a pair of socks for my nephew, we got into a knockdown, drag out fight over his treatment of his little brother.
A couple years ago, the same thing happened with a different nephew and to this day, we're still not speaking.
There's something to it.
From here on out, no more knitting for the guys in my family. Im running out of nephews.


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Ohhh David....find yourself a gal pal she will love for you to knit socks for her! In my family I am the only one that takes kniting seriously. I knit things and give them away. Sadly I doubt most people understand what goes into a knitted piece.
Its not just the money and time but a lot of love goes into each item I knit. Its hard for me to gift items for tha tvery reason. I do have a grandson who thinks I am a fabulous granny because I knit him mittens and hats and have expanded out to kniting his teddy bear a wardrobe. What can I say, he is still young enough to love the stuff.
The first hat I knit him he wore to bed at night and wore to school in the summer months and we live in Florida! He loves his granny....lol

Find a great gal pal or knit for those in nursing homes or for the newborn babies in the hospital. They all appreciate it.