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Can anyone tell me what happened to the button that you could click on for the members list? I haven't used it for ages and couldn't find it when I needed it tonight. In the meantime, does anyone have any fibre contacts in Barcelona? I will be there for a few days in early September and would love to connect with local men knitters and spinners. Thanks for any suggestions - Phil

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I am not sure Phil, but I believe it was removed when the site was having mainenance. Contact Darrell and he can tell what has happened or if you can still search "members"

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I couldn't find it yesterday...

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The original members list was another casualty of upgrading to the new version of the content management system used to run the site. We lost some functionality, but the old version had inferior security and we (for some reason) get lots of hack attempts.

The good news is that I managed to get a replacement members list up, which is linked in the navigation bar up top!

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Many thanks for this and for everything that you do to make al of this available to us Darrel. I hope that you take some pleasure in knowing what a difference this site has made for so many of us. Out of isolation and connected to 100s of our brothers worldwide! Thank You! -Phil

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Thanks Darrel. I, too, want you to know how much I appreciate what you do for us. As Phil says, it does keep us connected and logging on here is such a wonderful part of my life.

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I do indeed take a lot of pleasure and pride for maintaining a special place for us all to find and interact with each other. It's also why I get so bummed when perceived improvements necessitate scaling back on a particular area of the site. The patience and support I get from everyone when things go awry is really meaningful.

Having said that, it's really the contributions of our community that make this site what it is. The site would quickly go stale without everyone sharing their knowledge, successes, and challenges. Knowing that you guys (and gals!) derive benefit from being part of MWK is what keeps it alive!

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I echo the sentiments of others. I can't imagine being without this site. Thanks!

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Kudos to Darrell for all his work to keep us connected!

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