entrelac headband

I hand dyed the wool to knit this headband

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Hi Onis...great job on the dye job and on the entrelac. Entrelac is something that has begun to fascinate me. I will probably start, as most people do, with an entrelac scarf. One of my goals is to make an entrelac menger sponge with 144 squares. My son is into math and is fascinated by the menger sponge. He's made a few out of little pieces of folded paper, so I thought I'd knit him one. Here's a link to the guy who has inspired me.

It's going to take a good deal of studying to pull it off. I'll concentrate on flat entrelac knitting first.

Again, great work on the hat!

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Very nice design. Entrelac can be lots of fun. I learned to do it many years ago and haven't dabbled much with it since then. I should remedy that.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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More excellent work.