HELP!!!! Moss stitch chaos

I'm knitting a cardigan with a button band edge in moss/ seed stitch. I noticed that I'd done a wrong knit or purl a few rows back and thought I'd just unravel back and redo with a crochet hook....but fixing it doesn't seem to be working and I've got a very sloppy looking bit which looks worse than the original mistake. 8 could rip back the rows but I'm knitting the whole body in one piece and it's a lot of knitting. Am I doing something wrong? HELP!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Is there a chance wet blocking will even it out?

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Sometimes I have to go back past where I made the mistake to a "logical" spot and work from there. I know the frustration. Blamb it on Nargles.

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What the heck - there's no hurry - tink back to the problem and fix it. You will feel so much better about it. I do it all the time, it ticks me off but in the long run I'm always glad I fixed it the right way.