Action-packed Father's Day Weekend

Not really, well, kinda.
My mom went into Atrial Fibrillation out of nowhere early Friday morning, so I rushed back to my hometown about 6 hours earlier than planned. She is fine now, but had us scared for awhile.
I did get a lot of public knitting done in the ICU and waiting rooms.
I visited my grandmother in the nursing home today. The grandmother who taught me to crochet.
I showed her the shawl I was working on.

She was so intrigued with it and said it was stunning. She stated that she was never good at knitting and always stuck to crocheting.
I explained to her that knitting was my bag, baby.
She was watching the Reds game on tv, so I started knitting. I looked up, about 15 minutes in, to find her staring at me.
I asked her why she was staring, and she said that she found it amazing to watch me knit and that she could never get the hang of patterns or charts and she was just so happy that someone was carrying on her yarn craft magic.

She then proceeded to clean out an old bank deposit bag that she used to use for notions, but had reprovisioned for receipts and gave it to me. I remember that bank bank bag well as it really represented Grandma's tools for her wondrous creations when I was a kid. It really touched me, and I plan to pack it full of needles, markers, rulers, counters, and for whatever else I get the "notion".

Today meant so much to me. It was as if my mentor, my guru, gave me the go ahead, passed the torch, and deemed me the master.


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Congratulations! That's an awesome story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Very touching. Thanks for a great story.
My parents have been trying to divest themselves of many of their worldly possessions -- being of well-advanced age. I was amazed when Mom pulled out her collection of needles and hooks and passed them on to me... including items that belonged to my grandmother, who was quite accomplished with yarn. I'm sure it was gratifying for her to give them to someone who appreciates it and will actually use them. I only hope I can do the same someday.