First blocking project

Just finished a scarf using the box stitch which is 6 knit 6 perl for 6 rows then switching the knit for perl and perl for knit. Well it curls so I got some wool soak and what a difference. The wool wasn't the nicest but its for my dad, the soak softened the wool and relaxed the stitches I had no idea it would do that. The scarf looks really nice now and feels perfect, not to soft and not to coarse.

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If you are doing 6 rows of the same stitch on the edge, it will want to roll. You may have used some sort of edge stitch to alleviate that problem: garter stitch, seed stitch, or others.

You will find that ALL knitting MUST be washed (or treated with moisture in some way) to make it finished. It will improve 110%. There is an exception with acrylics, but why would you knit with acrylics anyway? All yarns will settle into their stitches comfortably and evenly after they have had some water on them. This could be a bath, or simply misting or steaming. Some yarns may feel quite harsh when working with them but will "bloom" after they are washed and become very soft and fluffy.

Always finish your knitting correctly by giving them the water treatment, and your knitting will look truly professional.

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Blocking is like alchemy or magic.

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Blocking is like WONDERFUL, the scarf is dry now and it looks perfect. I'll get a picture of it up here tonight.

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I've added a photo of the scarf after blocking, I should have taken one prior.