Malabrigo Slippers

Good Morning Gents and Gentle Ladies that our part of our community. I hope those of you that are fathers had a great day and those of us who celebrated our father present and past had a good day too. I just wanted to add one more slipper for your viewing done in Malabrigo worsted mixed with Cascase 128 for the bottom. Also I added a decorative bottom to the slippers to make them non slip and more custom for my dad and for Ben. I used tulip paint to do the bottoms. I've attached the links so you can view. The Malabrigo yarn slippers not complete yet but the yarn is lovely. Have a fab day every one and happy knitting.

New Malabrigo Slipper:

Custom Slipper bottoms:


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Very smart looking.

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thank you

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Looks great! I would love to cast these on...

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