After months of painstaking procrastination......

my husband's sweater vest is finally done.

He won't wear wool so I knit it with Elite Classic's Firefly which is a linen vicose blend. It's lovely but not so easy to work with. Picking up the stitches on the arm holes and neck nearly drove me insane but with the help of my trusty crochet hook I prevailed. But done is good and I'm sure I'll make another one. The size came out exactly right. I highly recommend large swatches, at least 4" x 6" washed and blocked to find the correct gauge.


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That is gorgeous!!! What pattern is it?

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It's the Basic Pullover/sweater vest from:

This is wonderful book by the way.

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Outstanding work. Seems to fix very nicely.

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Wow, really nice work. What needle size was this done on? It looks like like fairly fine gauge work...Congrats on a great job!

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US 3s and I believe Firefly is fingering weight.

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I was just going to ask that myself. Lots of work went into that...and the less-stretchy yarns are definitely different to work with. Great work.

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Looks great! Lovely color. Vests, I find, are one of the most difficult to make looking neat and clean, and you most certainly pulled it off. Congrats =) Hope your husband enjoys it!


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That is a beautiful sweater. I like the way you did the "V".

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Ah hah! Thanks for making me decide to knit that pattern. I bought that book on my last visit home to Alaska due to the witty writing and liked a couple of the patterns as well. You did a wonderful job. I just picked up some firefly for another bag for a class I am teaching this weekend. Lovely stuff but you're right, those plant fibers are harder to work with. Again, you did great work. He looks right sharp.

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Thanks Q!!! I really do love that pattern but the next time I make it, and there will be next time, I'm going to use some user freindly yarn like a sport weight merino or anything with a more forgiving nature.

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I'm definitely buying that book.

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Well done Scott, your man looks very happy with it.

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Well done, Scott. You did a great job. The classic vest patterns that are out there will never go out of style. I also have Knits Men Want and am planning on making the Raglan-sleeved Henley on p. 56. It's a really nicely written and thought out book. I have enjoyed exchanging emails with Bruce Weinstein about a few questions I had. He was very quick to answer questions cheerfully and clearly. I wasn't used to reading patterns the way he writes them, but once I wrapped my head around them, I like the way he formats them.

Again, nicely done vest!


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Nice to know about Bruce Weinstein, there are several things in that book I will probably attempt and it's good to know help is just around the corner. The next time I use one of these patterns I'm going to photocopy the necessary pages and highlight the required lines and numbers. I found myself flipping back and forth through pages looking for a number or direction way too often.

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Very handsome, Scott. And the sweater is, too. Seriously...that looks quite nice and I'm glad he enjoys it so much. You did a great job.

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He looks so happy in his new diggs! The lace is Stunning... just Stunning!@

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Thank everyone for the great praise. I'm just happy to be done with it and that it actually is wearable. We're heading north to Door County, WI in August and Ralf says it's definietly going along. Hopefully we'll have a cool evening when he can wear it comfortably out to dinner.