A Summer Fling

I usually hide away all of my craft paraphernalia and projects between the months of April and October, preferring to take advantage of the summer months to get outside and be active. But this year I have been bitten by the knitting bug earlier than usual.

Even though this summer is being exceptionally nice to northwest Ohio, I couldn't wait to start on a brand new project that is sure to turn one of my coworker-friends all shades of ENVY!

The project is a tote bag inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The idea for a tote bag is the result of my personal quest to help the planet by no longer using plastic bags. But I want something more personal than the reusable bags I purchased at my local grocer. I also wanted something that might grab someone's attention and start a conversation. I'm not exactly certain why Alice in Wonderland popped up as the theme. I do enjoy Alice in Wonderland, but there wasn't really any reason for that to specifically pop into my head. But be that as it may, I found myself sitting at home one night recently googling Alice in Wonderland knitting patterns. After realizing that there wasn't much out there by way of Alice patterns, I decided to create my own.

So I managed to plot out stitches for the famous Cheshire Cat's lingering smile from the Disney animated version. Once I set to work (working in stockinette stitch) I found the project unraveling pretty quickly. I basically started yesterday and am already over halfway finished with one side of the bag. I am going to double the piece I am currently making for the opposite side of the bag. Then the adjoining sides are going to be a homage to Disney's purple cat's stripes. I couldn't find the precise colors I was hoping for in the yarn I am using, so I improvised a bit. It will work out nicely. I'm thinking about using the strips for the handles also (but if anyone knows of any cool ways to make handles for a tote bag, feel free to share. I have been thinking about maybe doing a braid of sorts or something... I even thought about looking for some crazy yarn that matches the stripes and going for replicating the Cheshire cat's tail for the handle. I think that would be much more difficult than it sounds and I don't think it would look right in the end.)

I would post a pic, but I am in the process of working out a couple design flaws that need remedying. But hopefully soon I can post an image so you can sorta see what I have going on.

Feels good to be knitting in the summertime.


CLABBERS's picture

Hi Jesse...isn't it great when the creative side of our brain demands attention and an outlet? I can't wait to see your design. It sounds like Charles Lutwidge Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll would be honored by the all the colors, visuals, and textures you are planning. Please share photos soon!

aah's picture

Good idea, I just love the thought of the "Cheshire-smile".
How about letting the cat-striped sides continue as one long handle. Then you can also carry the bag over your shoulder.

ohioacer's picture

I had just gotten around to the one continuous handle idea myself. It even kinda fits with the Cheshire cat's nature too. Right now I think that is the winning idea. Thanks :)