Unfortunately I have to miss the last class on sock making, does anyone know of a good resource I can use for making socks? Books, youtube, hand scratched notes?


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silver sock class has a good tutorial

KittingHelp has a good video on turning top down heel.
about half way down the page.

As said in another post socks are not hard. Knit, purl, increase, decrease, short row and/or pick-up stitches and you are done. There is a lot of help here and elsewhere if you have questions.

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Elizabeth Zimmermann has a decent basic sock pattern in her books 'Knitting without Tears' and 'Knitting Around'. And there are several other easy patterns to be found through Ravelry and the internet in general.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I would also recommend the pattern in "Knitting Without Tears" . It is exactly how I knit socks and I was so young when I learned that I don't remember learning. IMHO, I think there was basically only one way to knit socks and that is the way everyone did it. Now there are a multitude of ways to knit socks and make heels. Also you can do it on dpn's, two circulars, or one circular. In fact you can knit both of the socks at the same time using all of the three implements. I have tried everything and keep returning to the basic pattern as it fits my feet so nicely, and I can read or watch tv while I am knitting something that is so much a part of me. Sock knitting has also turned into a huge business. Look at the Sock Summit, for example. I am sure that there is more sock yarn in our stashes than there are socks on our feet!! Once you become a sock knitter, sock yarn is like a cocaine addiction. If we all sold our sock yarn stashes, we could bail out both Greece and Spain. And sock books - there are hundreds of them in every language under the sun.
However, the reason I recommend EZ's pattern is that it is not really a pattern. It is sort of a formula and once you have done it you can knit any sock in the world. I am sure your library will have the book and many others related to sock knitting. I would also recommend using dpn's. Even if you eventually turn to circulars - either one or two, you will not be sorry you mastered dpn's as that skill will be so useful to you. And once you find your gauge and the number of stitches you need for your foot, subtract 10% for negative ease.

I have a hard time working socks one at a time these days. If you're gonna learn, do them two at a time. Your socks are gonna match up without a bunch markers in your socks. Not to mention there are some people who have trouble finishing the sock as they run out of patience making the second sock.
Also, I haven't done a sock pattern that didn't work in this method. I use it all the time. There's a book titled 2 at a time socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes and she teaches how to knit socks 2 at a time ankle down or toe up. All you need is 40" circular needle and some stitch markers.
Anytime I show someone how to do socks, I go right to 2 at a time. It's the only way.


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Hi Don,
I don't know if you got your socks done or not. If not, I like the woman at She writes patterns, sells them, then has a video to walk you through every step. You don't have to buy her patterns to learn from her videos. I have used her several times while making things and have learned a lot from her. Her presentation style pleases me and I think it is easy to follow. Give her a try sometime: