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I Scarf I made up using an elongated Chevron stitch pattern...Reckon it has a nice masculine quality about the pattern

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This is a beautiful scarf.
It's rare to see a scarf with "character".

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Hi Drew,
The chevron has a very striking and masculine feel to it. Make is small enough and you get herringbone which has always been a popular choice for woolen clothing for men. I like how your chevrons are elongated, it gives a flat garment a sense of least to my eye. The color has a nice warmth to it. If it is for you, it will accent any winter coat very well. Nicely done!

Can you share where you got the pattern?


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I *LOVE* that!

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I second Bill's comment. That is truly a handsome scarf.

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That is a most handsome scarf, Drew. Congratulations.

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That is so cool. Hope yiu'll share the pattern with us chaps

Great scarf, great yarn choice.