Hi guys, wanted to share what I have been working on for a while and just finished last night!

He is a jackalope which is a mythological/cryptological animal that is part jackrabbit and part antelope. From the description in the pattern: "The legend of the jackalope (also referred to as the antelabbit or stagbunny) may have originated from sightings of desert hares afflicted by a papillomavirus that caused them to sprout horny protrusions all over their bodies."

This was another of Hansi Singh's brilliant patterns. I simply can't get enough of her work. Her patterns use tons of short rows and a fair amount of kitchener. While this may seem daunting to those not familiar or comfortable with them, she gives excellent tutorials and they make perfect practice for using these techniques in other projects. Here he is from the back, too, so you can see his tail and the short row shaping.

I currently am about half finished with her pattern for a Kraken (giant squid) and after that the plan is to make her amazingly detailed chameleon.

Anyway, I was really happy with how he turned out and was eager to have some people to share it with! Take care guys and have a great week!


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Very nice. Love the design and colors!

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Since jackalopes are native to Wyoming - as am I - I have to say that he fits right in. There are two species: Those with deer antlers and those with antelope horns. He is definitely a trophy class antlered variety. LOL Great job.

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That's so much more tasteful then the mounted rabbit head with applied antlers on a plaque that I'm used to seeing - in fact it's down right cute!

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Ken, your design is awesome. What a hoot! Congratulations on a job very well done.

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Heee he he he he I love him! he he he :)

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Thanks guys!