I snuck the finished wedding shawl into Joann to use their dress form for pictures...lol. Pic attached.

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Wow your work is beautiful. Tricia is going to love it. I work at JoAnn's (for the discount) on the weekends and we get some pretty strange requests and have people bring in their work to match colors and so on, but never had anyone bring in their work to model on our dress forms. That's original.

I'm still laughing.

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Quite nice. The form helps show how nicely it drapes.

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Thanks for the compliments, gentlemen.
Glad I could give you a laugh, Dave..lol.

I plan on doing it again, until I can justify spending the money on my own form...lol.

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Hey thanks for the neat idea. And it looks beautiful.

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Great idea - and the shawl looks SUPERB!

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NICE! and I love the green color. Funny that you "snuck" it in the store. I find JoAnn's employees very accomodating and love to see projects their customers make and show off. Luckily I have 3 dress forms at home that I won't have to use the modelling service of JoAnn's ;)

Thanks for sharing!