Snow Drift Afghan

Well I am at the point of sewing up my first sweater. The Orange hoodie I made. Nervous, never did one before. But I think that if I take my time it should come out okay. Now I am starting an Afghan. I think this one will come out good too.

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Good luck with sewing up the hoodie. I really like the pattern in your afghan. It looks like a big project.

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Can't offer any advice on the hoodie sewing, but you are to be commended for the fine knitting. Would like to see pics of your finished products. Beautiful work!


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Isn't it great when the pattern started to emerge in the afghan? I remember when I did one last year and I was just about where you are now and I could start to see the pattern. I think that seeing it grow is what keeps the excitement alive with an afghan. What yarn are you using for it?

Your stitching on the hoodie is amazingly consistent! Well done. The color is very vibrant, just what cooler weather needs.


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That is a very nice pattern for an afghan. The hoodie looks great and I hope you haven't any snarl ups as you sew it together.

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Thanks guys.

Very nice!!! I would love to have the pattern for the snow drift afghan,


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I agree, would also like the pattern for this afghan.

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Not that I've made a lot of sweaters....ahem....but everywhere I see the suggestion to block before sewing; it makes it a lot easier. So if you haven't, it's probably a good idea. So proclaim the experts. :)

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I would agree with you, Bob. While you CAN seam it without blocking, it does make the job much easier when it is all blocked and ready to be seamed. You need to take the "fight" out of those stitches, so they become compliant. These are the rules, and someone has gone to a lot of trouble testing the waters for you, so it is best to follow their advice. They know whereof they speak!

I've turned out a few sweaters and have yet to buy myself a sewing maching and knit materials foot. so I'm always sewing them by hand, therefore, blocking really does help.
Keep up the good work. You do really great work.