Acrylic yarn and Passionless knitting

hello all,
A few years ago when I started knitting I was breaking all the rules by buying yarn that I had no planned use. As the story goes, I found out the yarn I was buying was pure crap (most of it was acrylic) and wouldn't stand the test of time.
so I've been trying to figure out what I can knit to get rid of it all and to make room for better, natural yarns. That's where my problem comes in. Of the things that I started, about 4 -5 projects, I haven't finished one. And that's certainly not me. Im a finisher, but this yarn is just killing me to use it and has killed my passion for knitting stone dead.
The biggest amount of the yarn I decided would be nice to make some dog sweaters and donate them all to the local humane society. The other plans included hats and scarves.
I'm just not feeling it for this yarn and am kinda thinking of giving it all to some kindergarten or pre-school to use to make projects. I just don't want to use it.
Any other suggestions?


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I have a friend who makes mats out of acrylic yarn. She uses big needles and 2 or more strands of yarn. She does them in garter stitch and when they are the size she wants she binds them off and then hand sews that non stick material you can buy in rolls for cupboard shelves. It is perforated and kind of rubbery. They are actually rather charming,can be used anywhere and she also gifts them. She always has one on the go and knits on it when she is bored with the projects she is working on. She has given me a couple and they are great to put beside the bed or useful as a bathmat.
Giving the yarn to a kindergarten is also a good idea and if you are feeling generous you can give some canvas or plastic mesh with it so that the kids can make pictures, coasters, placemates, etc.

I like the idea. Especially giving with some plastic canvas. I work at JoAnn Fabrics so maybe I can pick the other things up for pretty cheap.
Thank you again.

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You might consider donating the yarn to one of the local senior centers, nursing homes, etc. Many knitters on fixed income that may not be able to buy enough yarn to finish some of their projects. In my area some of the senior centers knit baby blankets for premature babies.

Clear out for more yarn, of your liking, for a good cause.

Great idea! That may be the way I go with all of this yarn.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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Donating it to a local senior center is a good idea and you might also check with your local Girl Scout group...I had some yarns I gave to my friends as they were going down to Mexico on a cross-cultural event and the yarn went for making puppets and such.

ETA: You could also donate it to a local Shawl Ministry group(s)...the one I knit with gladly accepts yarn donations.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Working with any material that you find not enjoyable is not worth all the effort. Really, life is short enough and you shouldn't spend time with anything (or anyone) that you don't enjoy. There are better things out there! Donate this to someone else that may enjoy it -- there are all kinds of people in this world! Sell it, if you can, and buy something that is more in line with your preferences. You need to enjoy whatever it is that you are doing. Always.

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When I started real kniting I had gobs of tacky novelty yarn, gobs of it and most of it acrylic. After my first project with real wool I couldn't look at the stuff anymore. I have a freind that makes coil vessels - they're wonderful art objects. He was thrilled to take all of that horrible stuff off my hands. I've seen a lot of stuff that he's made from it and it's really wonderful. Every once in a while a find a stray skein of eye lash or some horribe boucle and just pop it in the Jay bag to take to him later.

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Good quality yarn is good quality yarn. When you find a bad acrylic, you need to spank it. Some acrylics are better than others, but they have a purpose in our busy lives. You would not make a pot holder or a washcloth out of the acrylic, but there are plenty of sweaters and afghans made out of acrylic that are good. That said, you have to like the yarn you work with and if you don't have use for acrylic anymore, you can donate it to a senior center.

I do have some acrylics as I discovered the other day, maybe 10 skeins of 100%. The other acrylics are blends with wool or cotton and they are durable and easy to take care of, nothing like wash and dry you know. There are plenty of places that can benefit from your acrylic yarn if you don't care for it anymore.