Errata, anyone?

OMG! Why do I look patterns and dare myself to do them? I bought the ellington pattern from Cookie A and have been struggling with the first ten rows. For some reason when I get to row 6 on the chart, I start finding problems, like my stitches aren't matching up with the graph.
I know there's been lots of problems with her book Sock Innovation but when i click on any ofthe links to the errata pages all I'm getting are the comments or ads.
Can someone tell me how to get the errata?


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Try right clicking on the files and then downloading them to your computer. They should open just fine then. That's what I do and it works well and then I have the files to access anytime I want. Otherwise, if you like, send me a private message on MWK with your personal email and I will download them for you and send them to you if you run into problems downloading them.

You may need to update Adobe Acrobat Reader. I just did that and now things work okay on my computer.
Hope this helps.

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There is also a forum on Ravelry devoted to Cookie A that will probably have comments and links to errata. If you check under the "Patterns" section for that specific pattern, there is often mention of any mistakes and links for corrections too.

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Thank you Joe. That's just what I was looking for. Oneof the sites I found while investigating said that they suspected that cookie's book Sock Innovation was chock full of booboos because they rushed the publishing. So sorry to hear that there's so many mistakes in her patterns. This is the first of hers that I've done, but I was really knocked out with the creativity she puts into them.

Thanks for your help Mark. If the ravelry site doesn't have what Im looking for or I'm unable to grab it, I may just take you up on the offer.
Thank you again.