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Trying to work out simple lace pattern. It's k1yo first row. Coming back you skp slipping the knit stitch and knitting the yo so I get that it alternates. What I don't get is the beginning or rows so it doesn't create diagonal edge. Every row can't start with k1 yo, right? Then what does that mean about last stitches. I am sure this is. Simple solution.


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Can you give us a link to the pattern?

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Are saying the whole first row is k1, yo because it would seem to me that for every yo you would need K2tog or ssk or some decrease stitch or you will be constantly doubling the number of stitches. Maybe I just don't understand what you're saying.

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Yes, Scott, you are correct that on the first row, you will be doubling the stitches (less one). On the reverse row, you will be decreasing them all away with the SSK (Steve writes it as a skp). Of course, Steve hasn't asked the question fully (although I'm sure it made sense to him) but he needs to give us more of the pattern, or what he is making. A link to the pattern would be ideal, so we can see exactly what the pattern says, rather than someone's interpretation of it. You cannot often isolate one stitch pattern without seeing how it all relates to the whole.

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Without a pattern I would believe that it would be:

Cast on X stitches This wold be an odd number of stitches.
1 RS: K1, YO to last stitch, K last stitch
2 WS: Purl all stitches
3 RS: skp, to last stitch, k last stitch
4 WS: Purl all stitches
Repeat 1 to 4


1 RS: K1, YO to last stitch, K last stitch
2 RS: skp, to last stitch, k last stitch
Repeat 1 and 2

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I am just doing search for pattern I am designing. If I start every yo row the same the edge keeps moving on the diagonal. Consequently if I start every skk row the same that edge heads diagonally too. Somehow I need to start one to row with k1 and the other yo and then the skk row one with skk and the other with k1. Just can't make the edges stay square

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