My Grandmother's Knitting

Good Morning All,

For my birthday this past tuesday one of the presents given to me by my lovely wife was a copy of Larissa Brown's book "My Grandmother's Knitting". It is a delightful book that has family stories and inspiring knits from top designers. There are 17 stories and K bought it for me because she noticed some were from my favorite designers, namely Jared Flood, Norah Gaughan and Ysolda Teague. Published in 2011 by Stewart, Tabori & Chang - New York. It sells for $22.50 and is worth adding to ones shelves. Look for a copy and flip through it and you'll see what I mean.


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There are so many stories and hopefully some of us will be in one. I know some grandfathers and fathers that knit.

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Actually the title is a little misleading. Although many are stories of female family members not all are. For example Ysolda Teague talks of her grandfather who was a violin maker. He was tone deaf nor could he play them. He knitted, was an avid gardener and di punch card programing. Kristen Spurkland's father learned to knit in school in Norway. Jared Flood talks about his creative father who was a blue collar worker building backyard sculptures but it was his mother who taught him to knit.