Ok this is actually the blanket. My poor neice kira is festooned with pink so I decided she needed a few other colors around her befre she is brainwashed into liking Barbie. It is on 8's and about 200 stitches across. I am using a great yarn from Kim that is 100 percent cotton and crocheted as opposed to spun. I love the contrasting colors. Can we post more than one image per post? I feel somewhat bad about multiple postings in a day but always have half a dozen things on my needles.



No need to feel bad about multiple posts. It's good to see you jumping right in on your first day! And good call on giving your niece something besides pink. If nothing else, she'll learn early how to accessorize with color. :)
Yes, you can attach multiple pictures to your posts. How bout a bigger one so we can see the colors?

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Jason, I like the colours in your blanket. I also have a niece who would not wear anything but pink until she was 8 years old. I often wonder where she got the message so strongly that girls wear pink.